Can you help help me and give me an example of how to refrence an interview.

Here are the details:

XX X was interview by YY Y. This interview was published at magazine AAA number 9 (2000).

Thank you very much.

I'm writing an essay and one of my references is an interview published on a magazine. What is the right way of mention it on the reference section? I now, as it is state on the interview, the author, but should I mention that, once what matters to the subject is what the interviewee said. I' m a bit lost... Can someone please help me?


:josé pinto
I no longer have access to the Chicao Manual of Style, but I bet they have advice on that.

Without a hard reference to turn to, I would write "Jose Pinto is quoted as saying that he believes the state of grammar in society today is at its worst level in decades." And then I would footnote the end of the indirect quotation, and reference the name of the magaine and the issue as you would any other magazine.
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I didn't understood. Emotion: sad

In the essay, I'm not quoting the interviewer neither the interviwee, but I'm using this interview as a reference, among others, to what I'm presenting in this essay. On my reference section I have, for instance this entry:

Foucault, Michel (1981), Histoire de la Folie à l’Âge Classique, Gallimard, Paris.

How can I, then, add this interview? In the magazine, named NADA, the interview title is "Swarm Intelegence", and the subtitle is "interview to Marco Dorigo by Paulo Urbano".

Can you help me?
Then list it exactly as you would any other magazine article, using whatever style guidelines you were given.
again, thanks, but again, i miss how to do it.

can you please, point an example?
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Fowles, John. "A Conversation with John Fowles." Interview by Robert Johnston (London, 3 April 1984). AAA Magazine, no.9 (September 2000): 167-74.
Thank you so much for your great help!
again, thanks, but again, i miss how to do it.

can you please, point an example?

There are different styles for references. One may be to underline the title of the magazine, then put the name of the article in quotes, and cite the page number(s), and issues date. It's up to whatever style you are using. MLA, APA, CMS... I can't advise you on that because I don't know what style you are using.
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