Please help in answering following questions:

Q. 1 : What is your strength, it should relate to the objective of marketing interview?

Q. 2 : What have learn't from your work experience?

Q. 3 " Where do you see in yourself in 10 years later?

Q. 4 : What are your strengths?

Q. 5: Why did you decide on this career?

Q. 6 : What did you get out of your academics?

Q. 7 : What do you regard as your major achievements?

Q. 8 : What skills will you develop here?

Q. 9 : How your friends describe you?

Q. 10: How you describe yourself?
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It's quite difficult for us to help you with your answers, as we know very little about you.

Why not post your draft answers? Then people can comment, if they wish.

I woke up today very early this morning, that's a hard job, don't you see?
How to make a lof of money.
Tomorrow is too far away.
I think I've already answered this one.
The death is always trying to chasing me, so I realised that I needed to chose my fate as soon as possible, and here I am.
How do you know that?
I'm not Columbus, I'm not Einstein, I'm not Watson and Crick, what can I say?
As long as you pay, whatever you want.
I only have blind friends, sorry.
Do you need a date or something?
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