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Please check if my answer is correct or not. I am little doubtful about my answer in no. 7. Please give your feedback. Thanks.

Ques: Decide whether the intonation is rising or falling at the end of given sentences and give reason to support your answer:

1. Who is he? Falling intonation / Wh-question

2. Is she here? Rising intonation / Yes/No or polarity type Question

3. You´re going aren´t you? Rising intonation / Tag-question

4. You aren´t going are you? Rising intonation / Tag-question

5. Why did you do it? Falling intonation / Wh-question

6. That´s so nice of you! Falling intonation / Exclamations

7. Tim said that? Rising intonation / Repetition-question or confirming
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i was so hard to listen carefully in my teacher it was so hard to listen a rising and falling intonation plz moreEmotion: loveEmotion: stick out tongue
They're all fine (even #7). Emotion: smile
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it is easy if you know the different kind of intonations because it is the very impotant part of an intonation.

I Gotta tell you this:

Rising Intonation-Questions Answerable by yes or no.
Falling Intonation-A Statement ends with a period/Questions not answerable by a yes or no.

Hope it helps!=)
give me another example as my guide
[H] thank you so very much............................. now my assignment is complete! bye.bye im gonna sleep now..............
i am grateful.falling intonation.
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