I would like to know where I can find a list of english intransitive verbs.

Thank you for your help!
Sorry, Iomicio, I cannot find one-- there are just too many in English, I suppose, to generate a list. I notice that there are lists of them in other languages, though; if you google 'intransitive verbs', you may be able to compose a partial list yourself.
you can find a list of intransitve verbs in the book called " structure 2" or another one that is Oxford practice grammer "

thank you
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to boil to melt to stop

to burn to thaw to grow

to cease to drown to burst

to kast to explode to smell

to continue to climb to hang

to endure to come to sit
I think it's important to keep in mind that many verbs have both transitive and intransitive usages.
For example, the verb 'to cast' (note the spelling, Anon) has many common transitive usages.
is hurt an intransitive verb
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Yes. eg Tom's ankle hurts.

But it can also be transitive. eg Tom hurt his ankle.

Best wishes, Clive
Anonymousis hurt an intransitive verb

It is used both ways, both as a transitive verb and as an intransitive verb.
Ouch! That hurt!
A good course in advanced economics won't hurt you.

To check how a certain verb is used, I suggest using a dictionary for learners (Longman, Oxford, etc.). Emotion: smile