From a book on bodybuilding:

At the onset of your strength-training program, allot only 2-4 days a
week for muscle training. Limit your session to one hour to 1,5 hours,
just enough to introduce the weight lifting to your system. Anything in
excess doesn’t result in significant muscle gain, but in muscle fatigue.

1. I take it to mean that strength training and muscle training is one and the same?

2. Does the phrase "to one hour to 1,5 hours" mean "train 1-1,5 hours a day and no more"? So up to "1,5 hours".

3. I'm not sure what the phrase "enough to introduce weight lifting to your system" is supposed to mean? Maybe "it's enough time for your body to get used to weight training"?
1. Could be, though there could be a difference between building strength and tone.

2. It's clumsily worded. Read it as "between 1 and 1.5 hours".

3. Don't overdo it. In my experience, the first time you lift weights will make you very very sore. The second time you won't get as sore. So, go easy the first time as a preparation for future sessions.
Thanks Vorpar!