I am Trung , from Viet Nam . I am an electronic engineer . I graduated in 2007 , now I work for an electronic company . My responsibility are operating and repairing assembly line . I work and study in parallel . I am planning to study master certificate but I have not done . I try to learn English everyday . I wish I can have a partner or friend who speaker english will help me learn English , because I can't improve English by myself .
I'm sorry but your paragraph is boring. I think you should be more specific in things you mentioned, and remove unnessary details. For example:

I am Trung, from Viet Nam. I am an electronic engineer at [company's name]. [Introduce your company here] We produce electronic equipments for hospitals. My job involves operating and repairing the assembly line. I plan to study for a master's degree [in what field?] [when?]. I learn English everyday, but my English is still not very good. I wish I could find a friend to help me improve it.
Thanhs Hai , I am trying to learn , but still not improve very much
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By the way, you should not put any spaces before punctuation marks such as commas and full stops.