Generation Gap

Societal evolution means that people must change their lives to fit each stage of social development. Having lived in any stage, the person whose lifestyle must have been affected by that stage. This is a reason that causes the generation gap between the old and the young. A generation gap exists in our own home because of difficulty understanding, less communication, and differences in lifestyle.

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For these reasons, the generation gap will inevitably coexist with human life. To be more open, share opinions and respect to one another is the golden key to get better understood. The quality time also needs to be increased in our own families, especially in the hustle and bustle of life. The more you communicate, the less the generation gap happens.

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Sorry, I cannot understand this. The writing is very unnatural and some of the sentences are not grammatical. Can you write simpler sentences? If you are writing about the term "generation gap", here is a definition.

A generation gap is a difference in opinions between younger people and their parents or grandparents regarding attitudes toward life, beliefs, politics, or what they value. Evidences in the generation gap are seen in language (particularly slang), music, and other means of self-expression. In the USA, generation gaps segregate people by age range into large socio-political groups, such as the "baby boomers," "generation X" and "millennials. "

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