According to my cousin's favor, I have written his introduction in English, because I've thought I could learn more English through writing this introduction.Since he's asked me to have to use the words he would use in his job interview such as ethics consciousness and communication capability, I'm so much curious if you understand what it has meant in the introduction.Couldn't you read the following introduction ? I hope you correct any mistakes in this thread. Thank you in advance.

"It is required for workers like us to make an accurate estimate on condition and statue for both of international and domestic market which have been rapidly changing day after day because in accordance with sudden change of the market we need to find which way is the most efficiency one to meet our customers' desires and needs.That's why I'd like to apply for this company.If I pass through this employee entrance, you can definitely see I have outstanding ability enough to carry out all of the tasks given to me under the right ethics consciousness and the excellent communication capability required by today,the Global Era. I promise you that I will work harder than the others."
OK, I'll show you how to translate it into normal English:

As employees in this global era, we must accurately estimate conditions in our rapidly changing domestic and international markets in order to meet customer demands most effectively. I believe that I have the training and ability to contribute productively to your company's efforts, in addition to excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic.
Thank you so much,Mr.Micawber. Even though it is for my cousin, It is really a big benefit for me to learn English. I will memorize this,your writing.Thanks again,Mr.Micawber. Emotion: embarrassed