plz check the grammatically incorrect and conversation with me ! : ) ? ~~~~~~~
hi there.

i like to take a pic and upload my hompage
and i hav a two my webpage .

the first my website adress is " "
i made my webpage when i was a sophomore.
at that time .my website was very simple cuz my skill had not good,
2 month later i bought a digital- camera and i need a good notice on the board
i bought a book realated webpage and progrmming. and try it !
after all, digital camera make me study "html "and grphic tools like photoshop, illustrator
as you know.

my second webpage is ""
i made my second webpage to conversation with many foregin friend
i'll posting my article only englsh not korean. : )

anyway my 2nd webpage is under construction and it'll be completed soon

i hope your visit and posting your any article : )
This is very informal, not even grammatical but I hope it’s friendly. Why not post some more, we can work on it together. This is just a very quick sketch but it’s worth spending time on it to get it just perfect!

Hi there!

Welcome to my homepage. You’ll find lots of my digital photographs and some of whatever interests me, things that might interest you too. , So please be my guest and point your browser to

My homepage started as a sophomore project but grew with me as I learned new skills and got a little deeper into photography and digital editing. So, if you’re interested in HTML, PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator, come check me out!

Photography is a rewarding hobby and I’ve devoted lots of time and energy towards getting my work right. It’s a great way to share moments with friends and communicate where a language barrier might otherwise let me down. If you want to spend some time chatting with me in English, then maybe visit me at
You’ll find my essays in English and you can share some time learning about my home in Korea. There’s plenty of space and I welcome anyone who wants to share their writing or their opinions.
hi aileen
i'm suyoung.
thank u for your reply .
it gets more friendly message than my writing.
i'm posting my webpage to introduce myself where category "suyoung"(this is my name)

Emotion: smile
i'll be happy if you leave a message my website and you can see "blah-blah-blah " category
thank u for your advise agian
and hope to you meet onling


from suyoung : )
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I like what Aileen has done although…

Personally, I would make a feature of your less than perfect English. If you have some artistic flair, you could paint your mistakes in bright pinks, blues and greens, make cross-outs a feature. For me, it’s best to be honest with your ability to communicate in English. Make it humorous. Perhaps we could help with ways to make your errors very funny in a smart type of way.

How about you Aileen?
nah, take too long to download to a browser