I am new here. Can anybody tell me how to introduce oneself to interviewer ?
Name: Gaurav Goel
Age: 22 yrs
qualification: Bachelor of Engineering
College name: XYZ
Do we need to mention high school and senior secondary school in introduction?
Hobbies/ interest: Travelling



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Hello. I am an English/ESL teacher. I would like to give you some words to use in this situation. It would be better if I were certain that you meant a job interview, but I will assume that is what you meant.

You: Hello. I'm so pleased to meet you. My name is Gaurav Goel, and I am here to apply for the mechanical engineering position.

Interviewer: Nice to meet you. Tell me a little about yourself.

You: I'm from _______, and I graduated with a bachelor's degree in engineering from The University of _______ in (City, State). I have some experience in the field. I helped out at the Ford factory (whatever) last summer. I learned a lot and I was instrumental in completing (name the project and what it was about).

The interviewer will probably respond to what you just said and will then lead you tell more about yourself. You asked about the introduction, so that is what I provided.

Don't mention school before the university, except to mention when you came to the U.S. if you are from another country. Well, I hope you get idea. I'd like to help you some more, so if you want any more information about this or anything else, please ask.
@ Englishmaven
Thanks a lot.
Yes. You meant it right. I asked for an introduction for a job interview.
If you allow me I will send you my resume on your mail and, then, can you tell me the same accordingly?

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I thought my post was an answer.
Ya. It was. But I am not fully satisfied with it. I want it according to my resume. I do not have any job experience. I am a fresher. I am going to appear for my first interview tomorrow.
As someone who interviews others for positions, I can say this is excellent advice. It is especially cogent to include so much information so succinctly in the "tell me a little about yourself" response listed above.

So many interviewees are very unclear about what to say in response to this ubiquitous question in interviews, and get too personal in the information they relate, or ramble on. This is short but filled with a plethora of information directly related to what the employer is seeking in a candidate for the position.

It would be a good idea to write down your response to this question in a few sentences following the example above, and practice it. You don't need to memorize it word for word, but it is good to practice getting that much information into a short answer.

Also, remember to use a firm handshake with the interviewer (although, if you are being interviewed by a woman, wait for her to offer her hand first, as some women do not like to shake hands), and to look him or her in the eye and smile, both at the greeting and throughout the interview. Avoid closed in body postures such as crossing one's arms.

Psychological studies show that it is helpful to mirror movements by the interviewer (subtly.) For example, if she or he leans forward, you might lean forward. I'd suggest you practice interviewing with friends or family members, and alone with a mirror, to become more comfortable with the process.
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Thanks Sam.

As I have already mentioned that I need an answer which suits my profile.
Here I am posting extended information about me.
Please reply as soon as possible if you can do it according to below mentioned information.
I will be highly thankful to you.

Name: Gaurav Goel
Age: 22
Native place: Hisar
Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation
College: Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon
(No. 1 private autonomous engineering college in India)
12th: Govt. Sen. Sec. School
10th: Shree Krishna Pranami Public School
Family background:
Father: Doctor
Location: XYZ
serving state govt for 29 yrs
Brother: advocate but not practicing, running a senior secondary school
Hobbies/interest: Biking , Travelling
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appearing for a job interview(in india)
Have you not had any summer jobs, or done any internships through college?

You would definitely start with, "I recently completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation at the Institute of Technology and Management in Gurgaon, India, which is rated as the top private engineering college in India. (If you have no experience, even with summer or after school jobs) I'd follow with. In my course of study I took courses in (insert whatever is most closely related to the job description for the job you are applying for.) If you had particularly high grades, or graduated with any type of honors, mention that next. I am particularly interested in the work your company does in (whatever particular area applies--and here you need to show that you have done some homework on what the company does and specializes in) and look forward to discussing with you how I can contribute to your company's (whatever) program.
Thanks Sam for continuous replies.

TRAINING (No stripend)
I Did my training in Control and Instrumentation Department at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Noida.
(After 6th semester, for one month)
Final year project
Title of the project : Prepaid Energy Meter (Embedded Systems Design)
I am appearing for an interview for the post of 'back office representative' in scholastic international. (URL removed)
As it not a technical job, will my one month training and project work matter?
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