I am writing an introductory letter to a well known firm that is specialized in logistic services after, my company, and another delivery company singed an agreement of joint venture to support other business with their transportation business.

kindly asking your review and advice on the following:


To follow-up with your request during a phone call between you and Mr. AAA, our operations specialist, please allow me to introduce my company that is willing to implement a new business relations with your well established firm.

Our company HHH, LLC. Headquartered in KKK, is a novel company that is willing to provide a high quality services to other business and to the community. One of our major facilities is motor carrier, this division is specialized on domestic distribution and delivery services. For that we formed a joint venture agreement with one of the growing highly qualified delivery companies, BBB LLC. a delivery company that approved to the market their discipline high quality on time services. We HHH, LLC. And BBB LLC. Built a promissory joint venture agreement under DBA name of, BH.

BH is providing a high quality delivery of goods all over the contiguous U.S. BH is a RAC, our slogan is "deliver the Right package on the Accurate time to the Correct location" and this is a promise. Owing to this motto your business quality as well as the rate of profit increases. Quality is our spatiality. We have our own transport vehicles, box trucks, delivery vans that are operated by a highly trained certified hands. Behind those artery champions BH have a dedicated team, which is leading and achieving their efficacious excursion. The journey management squad is a team player that is highly trained and qualified on the latest technology to manage and monitor different routes.

We believe in providing innovative, cost and time effective solutions in every logistical moment we undertake. We pride ourselves in our approach of service delivery always thinking ahead and developing innovative customized solutions for each and every client of ours. This is a practice we apply across every part of the business. We are persistently looking at ways to improve our service offerings. One of our main methods of improvement is by investing in our people thereby increasing and improving our capabilities constantly.

Kindly find attached our official documents for your reference. please feel free to contact me for any other requisite to fulfill your requirements.

We are look forward to provide assistance to your firm and hope you will benefit from our services and expertise

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