I registered an account on this website, but the activation url that I got from this forum is invalid. I don't understand why the url is 

To activate your login, please visit: /user/AcceptInvitation.htm?InvitationKey=*some random numbers and letters*

I can't input the activation key in my profile, so I am stuck until I someone fixes this problem.

Hi Kaiba09, welcome to the forums!
Thanks for this, I'll look into it and see if we can fix it..

i also had the same problem. add http://www.EnglishForward.com before /user/AcceptInvitation.html?InvitationKey=*and the numbers* but don't add the "."
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Actually, could either of you guys forward me the email? - with the broken link? Add me as a friend, and you can send me an email via my profile page.