Hi all,
I'm learning English as a foreing language and there's a subject that I haven't found information about.
Our teacher explained us the subject of inversion in conditional sentences with 'had', 'were' or 'should' verbs. But I've seen that in some cases they use 'had...but' and another similar construction. And I don't know when you must use this structure instead of 'had' only.

(I apologize for my English).

Albert E.

I think the main difference between the two constructions is style. The verb-first, inverted construction sounds more formal to me. I live in the US and rarely hear it spoken; it does turn up in writing sometimes. Were you to post an example of each type, you would get a better answer.<--Both a request and an example!

Don't apologize for your English. I guarantee it's better than my version of your native language.

you should give an example of , as you said, :had...but. we don't get it this way.