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My question this time is whether it is still possible to switch the positions of subjects and verbs in sentences such as sentence No.2 in the following.

(1) Right in front of my camera stood my mother.

(2) Right in front of my camera was standing my mother.

When we want to emphasize adverbial phrases by beginning sentences with them, we are supposed to switch the positions of subjects and verbs, in the case of complete intransitive verbs, aren't we?

According to the rule, I know sentence No.1 is right.

But what about sentence No. 2?

Is it wrong? Is it grammatically wrong? Don't you ever use it?

I would appreciate it if you could reply. Thank you.

hohokInversion of a sentence with the progressive form of a verb

From the viewpoint of grammar, it doesn't matter whether the verb is in the simple or the progressive form. It's just that we don't use the progressive form as much in these constructions, which gives the false impression that there's a rule against it.


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Thank you for your reply.

I got good guide from you, that I couldn't have possibly gotten from anywhere else... Great, thanks a lot.

May I add another question? What if we say " In front of my camera was my mother standing."

Is it also acceptable? I know I am troubling you with very weird-sounding sentences.

I would appreciate it if you could answer this as well, though. Thank you.

hohokvery weird-sounding sentences

Yes, indeed! Emotion: smile

hohokIn front of my camera was my mother standing.

Emotion: surprise No, no, no! That's not going to work at all. (It sounds like you're trying to speak German!)


You are definitely a very understanding good guide.

And very patient

Every comment of yours with emoticons sounds very caring. Thanks a lot.

Hope you have a good day! Thank you.

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