actually i dont know exactly what is it and where we can use it . the sole thing i know is subjects and verbs are changed in an inverted sentence but when why how ?

is there anyone who can tell me inverted sentences with examples?
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The present subjunctive can also lend itself to inversion: "Be he alive or be he dead...".
Inverted sentence order means the verb comes before or after the subject?
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In normal English declarative sentences, the subject comes BEFORE the verb.

When the order is inverted, it means the verb comes before the subject.

As you can see from the examples of inversion, the verb came before the subject.


as you know , i am not enough experienced in english and such matters but

if i were you i would use "do i see him tomorrow ,i would ask it about it",intead of "Would I see him tomorrow, I would ask him about it. " besides i dont know is this correct gramatically...

as for the last post i really wondered if we can use inverted sentences wherever we can use if clauses, no matter it is true or untrue condition ,too. i ll waiting to be clarified.


yeah i dont know the answer too... what do you think the answer is?!

When a sentence is in its "natural order" It notmally makes more sence then inverted order.
Often times writers use inverted order to create an effect or to change the emphasis in a sentence.

The verb(what the subject does) comes before the subject(the main character or thing in the sentence) in the sentence.


Natural : The soldier ran over the hill.

Inverted: Over the hill ran the soldier.
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Out of the woods came a ferocious bear? Maybe?
Yes, that's right When you start with the place, you invert. In a little hole behind the grandfather clock lived a little gray mouse. Out of the woods came a bear. Into the pool jumped Mario.
Inverted sentence:

A sentence in which the verb precedes the subject

What she did, Maria will never know
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AnonymousInverted sentence:

A sentence in which the verb precedes the subject

What she did, Maria will never know

The verb still comes after the subject here. The object comes before the subject/verb, but the subject/verb order is not inverted.

Never will Maria know what she did -- that's inverted.
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