actually i dont know exactly what is it and where we can use it . the sole thing i know is subjects and verbs are changed in an inverted sentence but when why how ?

is there anyone who can tell me inverted sentences with examples?
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Ok but that doesn't really make sense but good one though! I loved it but it kinda freaked me out!
The verb comes before the subject!
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Inverted sentences are those in which the subject follows the verb. For example, "Beyond the canyon flew a bird." If that sentence were not inverted, it would look like "A bird flew beyond the canyon."
In inverted sentences, the verb comes before the sentence. You might use inverted order for variety or emphasis in your sentences.

Sitting in the front in Amy.

Working hardest was the marketing team.

In questions, the verb may come before the subject or may be interrupted by the subject.

What is his e-mail address?

Where should the invoice be sent?

In sentences beginning with here or there, the normal word order is also inverted.

Here are the applications.

There were three steps in the plan.
an inverted sentence: anxiously barked the dog
regular sentence: the dog barked anxiously
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It is where the subject comes after the verb to give more emphasis to the subject.

E.g. With her was a girl from college. The subject is "girl", verb is "was", and object is "her".