Hi, is the content and grammar of this card okie? Please let me know if i've left out any important infor . Many Thanks:)


To Messrs: ________________

We cordially invite you to attend the Centennial Birthday dinner of

Mr. XXXXX, the founder of XXXX on the following:




We sincerely hope you will grace us with your presence at the dinner.

Thank you.

RSVP before .


Do they know where/who to RSVP to?

Also I'd leave out Messrs as this is the plural of Mr - unless you know you are only inviting men and that more than one man is included on each invitation.
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ooopsss ...i thought Messrs comprises of mrs, mr, ms, mdm....and so on.

Is the content okie? How about the last sentence?

Does it sound polite?Anyway better way to rewrite it?
It all sounds very polite and formal.
thanks nona:)
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If I would like to invite a father and a son, together with the wives, how should I address the invitation. Messrs Surname &... ?