How many possible ways could you think of inviting someone to do something?

- Why don't we go skiing together? It would be fun.
- How about going skiing together? It would be fun.
- Let's go skiing together? It would be fun.

But why doesn't Let's jacuzzi together sound good to me?

I am very confused about invitations. I never seem to say the right thing because everybody turns me down. How can I improve that?
Jacuzzi isn't normally used as a verb, so that's why it would sound unusual ... but there is absolutely nothing to stop you using it as such in spoken English. You would not be misunderstood. Jacuziing is fun, after all.

There are an unlimited number of possible ways to invite someone to do something, including...
- Would you like to go skiing with me?
- Might I suggest that we go skiing?
- There's a great new ski slope in . Fancy giving it a try?
- etc.

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Maj, you could give it try, now. We hope you are successful this time. Cheers.
I love jacuzzing! Doesn't it sound excitingly Japanese?
What would you say if I asked : Would you fancy jacuzzing with me?
"Jacuzziing" is a fun use of English, but do remember that "jacuzzi" is not (officially) a verb, so in formal writing you wouldn't say that. But informally you can use any noun as a verb if it makes sense to do so - and yes, "jacuzziing" does sound exciting. Not sure about Japanese though.

As to the invitation itself... Maj, if you are inviting everyone on this forum, you will need a VERY big jacuzzi.

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