I for one was really pleased yesterday, when I saw that the hand over of sovereinty had been brought forward by two days.
That hand over is now complete!

Can we breath a sigh of relief, or will attempts by terrorists to destabilise the region continue?
Yes, Iraq has been handed to Iraqis but there is something more to it than meets the eye.
U.S should leave as well from Iraq.
Would you care to elaborate?
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that's was a great for Iraq, i guess (Y)
but i'll be best for all if US leaves Iraq and let them decide what best for their country
cause usually, people knows what best for their life because they were the one who lived for it.
Yea 100% agreed with with u Ryuyuki....
Thank God the people are rid of a butcher and can now shape their own destiny. I am sure the allied troops will leave as soon as the new leadership says they no longer want them there.
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All the oil contracts and reconstruction projects have been awarded mosly to US companies.
Sure, a lot of the reconstruction is being done by U.S. companies - but who pays them? The U.S. taxpayers! So how does the U.S. profit?

Oil contracts may be a different story. Are there any facts that support your claim?
i think for now, it isn't important that reconstruction makes by who.
the really thing need to do are make Iraq realize their obligation and their right to
reconstrut their country from riots, what i mean is all people with the spirit, not just some who have importance in it.
cause i have seen in many history of life, people who regard their country in spirit and tring
their best to move forward. will be join in a one great nation in the world
but it's up to them i guess [:^)]
hopely for the best
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