Is the following sentence correct?

Ironically speaking, he is quite intelligent than a donkey.
Hi J

If you want to have than, you need a comparative:

Ironically speaking, he is more intellligent than a monkey.

If you can't have a comparative, English is flexible enough to accommodate a pronoun that lookslike a comparative: Emotion: smile

No other person than the one I spoke to yesterday will do.

Hi jackson,

No, not to me. When we use the word "Ironically ..." we typically imply a reference to something mentioned in previous context which is contrary to the fact or what appeared to be factual at the present. i.e.

1) Paul was a never a popular guy, nor had I seen him come close to having a date when he was a teenager .

Ironically, he is the richest guy now and has more gorgeous girlfriends than any of us.

So I am not following the logic of your sentence. “ Ironically speaking, he is quite Intelligent than a Donkey..."

In English, we consdier someone slow, stubborn and stupid a donkey, which is also called a "mule" or an 'ass". This is probably how the expression "dumb ass" came about. When this expression is used, we usually don't mean anything intelligent.