In the sentence below I actually want to emphasize the ego acting through the Unconscious-Self and not just the ego. Which of the following sentences is better? The first one without commas or the second one with commas after 'ego' and after 'Unconscious-Self'. Is sentence 1 grammatically wrong?

1) However, their ego through the Unconscious-Self keeps them away from seeking anything higher.

2) However, their ego, through the Unconscious-Self, keeps them away from seeking anything higher.

An add-on question - Do I need to write the word 'acting' to emphasize 'acting through' or is the word 'through' enough to make the reader understand. I do not want needless words.



The sentence reads more clearly with the commas. I would also include the word "acting" if "acting through" is what you mean. I'm not clear why "Unconscious-Self" is capitalised or hyphenated.

In isolation, it is not obvious to me how someone's "ego" could "keep them away from seeking anything higher", but of course it could make sense in the full context.