Hello. Could you tell me if "alot" is one or two words. I see it both ways. Thank you.
should be 2 words, but in American English it is sometimes transcribed in 1 word.
Hi Pieanne,

Actually 'alot' is unacceptable in American English. If you've seen it in a book or a magazine then it's probably a typo. Anywhere else and the writer is just lazy.
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Here's a trick of the trade.

If you can insert a word bewteen "a" and "lot", then it should be written as two words:

I like you a whole lot.

I like you a lot.

All the best,
It is two words.
"A lot," meaning "a bunch" or "many" is two words. To "allot" something means to give a portion of something to someone.
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a lot is two words--there is no doubt about it. There are those email junkies who will disagree, but if you want to be proper, a lot is two words.

two words
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