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The original 23 % came from Newsweek, which I consider a reliable source for an American magazine. Being American, it of course has an American bias but that is perfectly understandable. The figure may or may not be accurate - and that is not so important for me. It is obvious to me from decades of information from various sources that illiteracy is ragarded as a severe problem by many even in the USA. And that's what counts for me. Even though you have never met an illiterate American, I have met a few.

So I see no need to reassess my knowledge however absurd you think my opinions are. Anyway, I just cited a figure printed by a serious US magazine and gave you some links to information that confirms the fact that lots of people are concerned with high illiteracy rates in the US. I can't understand why anyone should hit the ceiling because of that. You don't live under the illusion that the USA is the leading country with regard to litaracy and education just because some of the best universities are there, do you?

I don't object to your applying different criteria when comparing countries if you think you can get better results that way. Emotion: smile I'll stick to what I consider appropriate criteria irrespective of what you suggest.

Nona The BritI suspect that is a lot to do with it, yes. Although I wouldn't blame just the Americans.

Look at Darfur...no oil...no resources...no interest from the rest of the world.

there is oil in Darfur who told u there isn't it was discovered latley that's why the problem has got worse
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