usually It always followed by singular verb.Example " Is it you ? ".Why this setence doesn't use singular form ? Example, " Let it go ".It should be " Lets it go right " because It is singular tense.Am i right ?
"Let it go":
"It" is the object of the verb "let",not the subject. The subject is "you", but as the sentence is an imperative, the subject is omitted.

When she tells his dog to let go, it lets go immediately. (Here "it" is subject of "let")
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I cannot understand.It should be " Let it goes " right ? Because It goes,It has.Am i right ?Example you sentence should use goes right ? When she tells his dog to let go, it lets go(goes) immediately
No, because "let" requires the following pattern:

LET + OBJECT + BARE INFINITIVE (infinitive without TO)

Let it go ("go" here is an infinitive)

It's similar to the next sentence:

"She made him marry her" (make + object + bare infinitive)
i understand.But you sentence should used goes right because It lets goes.Lets is singular form.Am i right.
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linkesWhy doesn't this sentence doesn't use singular form ?
Because the verb let is a catenative verb that takes the base form (infinitive without to) of the following verb. let, make, have, and help are used this way. It doesn't matter which word (or words) goes between.

Let it go. Let them go. Let the cat eat the cake. They never let their son swim in that lake.

Make it go away. Make the pain go away. They made the soldier give up his weapons.
Have him contact me tomorrow. We will have her publish the story.
Help the man find his lost key. Help her cross the street.

(This is the same as Tarirotari said above.)

So if my sentence like this is it correct ? She lets go the rope or She lets goes the rope
linkesShe lets go the rope or She lets goes the rope
As I said, let is followed by the base form of the accompanying verb. Which is the base form? Is it goes? Or is it go?

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So is this right ? " She lets go the rope ". Another thing in your sentence you said " We will have her publish the story ".It should be published right because have followed by past participle.Example She has taken,I have gone.Am i right ?
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