I am a Chinese girl. Nice to meet you!

If you are interested in China, if you want to know more about China, please follow me!

Now I want to introduce you something about Chinese breakfast.

China is an old-line country. Chinese culture is broad and deep. Many things are different in different parts of China.

Chinese people like eating, and Chinese food is delicious!

Today I will show you a kind of breakfast called "baozi" in Chinese. Ok, here we go!
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Baozi is made of flour and stuffing,which you can choose whatever you like. Usually it is stuffed with meat, vegetables, eggs, etc.

Shapes are different in different parts of China as well as the tastes. People used to make them by themselves at home, especially when festival is coming, but sometimes we can but them at supermaket or on the roadside. They are cheap, and I'm sure they can supply enough energy for you.

I know Baozi in Tianjing, Shanghai, Hangzhouand Sichuan province is more famous in China. If you have the chance to visit China, do not forget to take some to your family and friends. Share with them!

I have many photos, but it's hard for me to show you at one time, please forgive me!
Here are more pictures!
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Baozi also can be fried.
Baozi is usually cooked by water .It called "braise".

In restaurant, they are cooked in cage, but at home we usually cook them in a cauldron.
Heh! In Thailand we call Salapao, Chinese food popular selling everywhere from my childhood and I like it very much. But from your pictures, they look professional made than mine.
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Hi , i come from Hong Kong, and i went to Thailand for a vocation last month.

The country is beautiful, and the thai food is similar to chinese food.

It 's good to introduce our wonderful chinese food to the world!;)
Hey Xavia111,

I'm brazilian and I'm really interested into Chinese culture, lenguage and so far... I'm so interested, that I'm studying chinese with a Taiwanese teacher. We have maopi classes too, and kitchen classes as well... and this was the first food I learned... And man, It's awsome, extremely good.

I really like you culture

And I think it's really nice from you to show people somethings about your culture

See ya
Thanks for your attention!

I'm glad to hear that you are interested in Chinese culture.

At first the reason I did so was just to practise my poor English, but now I get another meaning. I feel excited!

Thank you !
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