Hi teachers,
Would the sentence between parentheses be an appropriate explanation for the one in bold.
It is the owner of a Used Car Mart who is talking to a customer.
This is the context:
A: Peter, it’s a 1986 Golf, but it functions! It belonged to my mechanic, John, for ten years and he has taken care of this car (he has maintained the car in good condition) personally.
Should it be in 'good conditions'?

Thanks in advance.
'in good condition'
Yoong Liat'in good condition'
Hi Yoong Liat,
Thanks for your reply.
Is it condition an uncountable noun in that context?
Is it just because we are referring to the physical state of the car? (singular)
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No, it is not. 'Condition' is a countable noun, but 'in condition' is a phrase. You cannot say 'in good conditions'.
Thanks! Crystal clear.Emotion: smile