All jewellery is / are hallmarked and with certificate of authenticity

I come across this line in one of the websites of jewellery, they have used 'is'

How if I write it as

All jewellery is hallmarked with a certificate of authenticity

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'Jewellery' is an uncountable noun, so you should use 'is'. Unless you use 'jewellery items/pieces' then it should be 'are'.
Thanks for your help but is the latter line which i wrote is correct?
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Yes, yours is correct. I think the website's version has a redundant 'and'.
You need (and note the spelling of jewelry):

All jewelry is hallmarked and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Jewelry = AmE
Jewellery = BrE
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It depends upon the way of taking jewellery as whole or on the basis of no of items. To me, both are corret and I do use. Any objections?
Thanks, Chris!

I learned something new. Emotion: smile

Thanks a lot and in India we the spelling is jewellery only
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