I think that they should have a nice track of records in there academics and should know the language which are all been spoken in their country. they should be aware of the current affairs of the world which are so popular. They must not only known by their color of the skin but also by their BRAINS.

What do u all think???
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I would totally agree. But actually I thought that looks were not the only catagory they are graded on already. I thought it was many. I could be wrong. Does anyone know?
They have to answer some questions as well, don't know the details.
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hi lilbit
it's correct that they are to be graded not by their beauty or handsomeness but also by their intellectual mind sets too. what do you think?
Yes beauty is a big plus for them and it is important, but it is also the way they carry themselves, stand and pose. Also what special talents they have and do on stage. And also like you said, their intellectual side.
hi lana
you said that they are asked questions, by j'us asking them, will know their actual talents?
There are many who know the answers but are not selected.
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Whenever I watched Miss World the only things I saw were girls walking on the stage, introduction videos where every girl said who she is where she comes from etc. and the finalists who had to answer a question in front of the jury.

I think the part where girls can present their talents is not shown on tv. At least I never saw it. But I know that there is some talent competition.

Besides the looks the most important criteria (at least in my opinion) are: that the girl has one year of time to travel around and attend charity events and that she knows what to say when she is asked something.
Miss Universe 2004 is smart and beautiful
In the near future i think that these contests will be made by the rich with the help of a tution class and thery make these contest's a richmans cave!!!
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