I recently took a personality test, which said that I'm an introvert.
In fact, I'm not outgoing at all. I always think about myself.
I don't read newspapers. I play music instruments alone.
I think all these things will make me remain an introvert.

I think extroverts are enjoying their lives more, because they don't have difficulty finding friends.
They are more optimistic than introverts. Being surrounded by their friends makes them more confident and
positive. All these things give extroverts competitive advantages over introverts.Therefore on this planet
there seems to be no place for introverts.

So, in my opinion, everyone should become an extrovert who is assured of a better life.
Parents should encourage their children to become extroverts.
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If everyone were to become an extravert, the people who devise personality tests would simply recalibrate their analyses, and reclassify the less extraverted people as introverts.

Since this is not a controversial topic, I'm moving this to Foo.
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It's simply part of your personality. You can't "become" an extrovert if it's not part of who you are. Someone who by nature is introverted will feel exhausted if forced to play the role of the extrovert for a long time.
I don't know if I'm an introvert or an extrovert. I seem to bounce back and forth between the two extremes. When I'm at school, I tend to be very socialble, but when I'm home alone or on vacation, or when I have a cold I like to think silently to myself and reflect.
(I hate a noisy thinker...)
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MrPedantic(I hate a noisy thinker...)

Ah, but Mr. P., that's one of the key points of extroverts and introverts - extroverts "talk to think." We yammer along as we think out loud. You should ignore about 85% of what I say until I say something like "So I've been thinking about it, and..." -- that's when you start paying attention.

Alas, I am a very noisy thinker!
Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Just because you aren't outgoing doesn't make you antisocial or shy, and 'always thinking about yourself'? Please! An extrovert is someone who likes to be social. If an introvert wanted to be social, then they could. Here are my responses to what you wrote:

1. Introverts enjoy their lives, but they choose to enjoy them alone. Having twenty friends doesn't mean you're any happier than someone with one or two friends. Some extroverts aren't happy at all, because their friends are just fake friends.

2. Introverts solve the world's problems. Extroverts can talk all they want, but introverts can listen and observe, and, what's more, they take time to think. Most likely, if we ever stop chopping down rainforests, stop terrorism and world hunger, and repair the ozone layer, it'll be the introverts who thought it out, because they listened, saw and thought.

3. Being surrounded by friends makes extroverts confident. Being alone makes introverts confident. Being an introvert doesn't mean you have low self-esteem or are pessimistic

4. There is plenty of place for introverts! What would the world be without all the great thinkers, artists, poets, authors and musicians that were introverts?

So in my opinion, if people like socializing, then they should socialize. If they don't, they can still be successful, confident, happy people. Parents shouldn't try to drag their kids to parties where they'll feel awkward.
Each person enjoys life in the way he/she likes best. Sometimes I enjoy being a soul of the company, sometimes I'd rather be left alone. And I am happy both ways. I think the margin is rather vague.
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