Here is a question of my friend in a junior high school.

Would you say "There are two clouds in the western sky." "There is a cloud in the sky today."?

I thought "cloud" is uncountable, but in my dictionaries, I found "clouds" and "a cloud",

so I would like to confirm about this point in this forum.

Thank you in advance.

blissful baby
chenyinchengSo is it okay to say: "You can see two clouds to the west."?

Yes. But, as dimsumexpress says, don't confuse what someone can say with what someone might want or needto say. There are millions of things that can be said, but nobody wants or needs to say them! Emotion: smile

Cloud - can be both countable and non-countable depending on how it is used. But mostly it's used in plural contexts.

That's said, no one really counts clouds in real life. Though, you may say: 'It's a beautiful day. Sun is out and there isn't a cloud in the sky'. Or, dark clouds are looming in the distance.
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So is it okay to say: "You can see two clouds to the west."?
You may, but is there such a need that you must specify the number of clouds?
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Thank you very much for many replies.

The question was from a junior high school girl.

Such an innocent question arises in children's world, you know.

Anyway, I understood we can say "a cloud", "two clouds", etc.

I will tell her in that way.

She will be pleased to know that her quiestion got answered by native speakers.

Thank you again.

Warmest regards,

blissful baby