is it correct to say " how is the condition?"
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Not really:

"How is your condition?"
"What condition is it in?"

Could you give us an example of the sentence you are using it in.
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" How is the condition ? " is equivalent to ' The way that leads to such condition 'Emotion: smile
what is the condition of ... ?

OR what is its condition?

(without context, all of these sentences sound a little odd)

How is your condition

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How is your condition?

This doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe "What is your condition?", but if you just want to ask how someone is, say "How are you?". "condition" is more typically used with inanimates: I wouldn't buy a used car unless it was in good condition.

As a joke some years ago, there was the phrasing I just checked in to see what condition your condition is in, but that was only for the sake of humor.


That's a song by the way 😁
What condition is it in?
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what is the condition isin basement parking ?

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