Is a sentence that ends with "the document that the term is defined" correct? If not, why?

The phrase is intended to avoid an end of sentence preposition: the document that the term is defined in. Is it wrong to use an end of sentence preposition here?

I prefer to end a sentence like "the document that the term is defined" instead of "the document in which the term is defined" because I suspect the later case uses "which" improperly according to the usage notes under the definition of "which" on www.dictionary.com.
Without the entire sentence, it's hard to answer the question.

It is completely correct to end a sentence with "the document that the term is defined". Here's an example:

I thought the term was undefined, but it states quite clearly in the document that the term is defined.

But I don't think that's the sort of thing you mean.

It is not wrong to end a sentence with a preposition.

There's nothing wrong with "... defined in"
and nothing wrong with "... in which the term is defined".

Have you considered "the document where the term is defined"? If the context is somewhat informal, you could use that.

I was unable to find the usage notes you mentioned.
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Here is an example of the context in which I would like to use the phrase:
"Where is ant defined? NCT is the title of the document that the term is defined."
Is there anything wrong in that example?

I would like to end sentences with prepositions, but I don't know how do so them correctly. Because I am writing technical and formal documents most of the time that I write something, I avoid ending sentences with prepositions. I can't seem to grasp many of the grammatical constructs of English, although I myself am a programmer. However, if you can assure me that, most of the time, ending a sentence with a preposition is the acceptable practice these days, I will definitely start putting prepositions on the end of some sentences.

To find the usage notes, go to www.dictionary.com and search for "which."
will give you more information.

After reading that, you may not be so skittish about ending sentences with prepositions!Emotion: smile

(This was MountainHiker's suggestion to me when I had a similar question.)