is this correct "I am looking forward to talking to you"?
Yes, it is fine and quite common.
I would use the phrase "I look forward to talking with you"

1. "look" vs. "am looking"= "look" is active tense, which is grammatically preferable

2. "talking with" vs. "talking to"- "talking with" shows more of a conversational, personal/warm tone. Typically, if you say you need to "talk to" someone, it is more of a one-way street, and can have a slightly negative/cold connotation, ie, "I need to talk to you"
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Great, many thanks!
Actually, I would personally use "talking to you" although "with" is probably grammatically correct it is cumbersome and formal. Unless formality if what you are attempting to convey. If that is the case then "Speaking with you" is the better option.
Thank you.
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Anonymous"Speaking with you" is the better option.
In American English. Outside that, talking to you and speaking to you are sufficient in all situations.