In British English I see that present perfect is preferred for the events that happens in recent past such as:

"I have received your letter."

" I have dropped my wallet" etc.

In the same logic how natural/correct to use below verbs making some relevance with the present:

"I have thought." instead of " I thought"

"I have imagined" instead of " I imagined"

"I have understood." instead of " I understood"

Can you explain please? Thanks


The point of present perfect is that the action occurred (or the condition existed) at an indefinite point in the past with a present result. It's not necessary or implied that the action was in the recent past. Those three verbs can certainly be used in the past perfect:

I have thought a great deal about this, and here is my decision.

I have imagined terrors beyond most people's wildest nightmares.

I have understood the theory of relativity since high school.