should i say Wanderers Diaries or Wanderers Diary or Wanderers Diary or wanderer's diaries?

hehe getting confused..please help
It's not a silly question. It is one blog, right? But if two wanderers are going to write in it as separate people, then Wanderers' Diaries is a fine title. Notice the apostrophe, however.
You have supplied no information. A little context, please.
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thank you for your reply, i thought it is a really silly question to ask, but hey wanted to be sure, well the thing is that english is not my mother tongue and i dont 'feel' when something sounds wrong...


so i wanted to call the blog about two people travelling here and there as a wanderers diaries, but then started being confused about using two plural nouns...is it ok to leave like that? or is it grammatically incorrect?
that is why i started thinking.. maybe it sounds better wanderers diary...heh anyway..thanks for answering even though it sounds like a silly question Emotion: wink have a nice sunday
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thank you very much! that was so helpful mister micawber!
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Our group of walkers are called the West Wanderers. We are doing a challenge. Is it:

West Wanderer's Challenge or West Wanterers' Challenge ? Why?