Is there a difference between "semester" and "term"?

Looking at the etymology, "semester" means "(of) six months" whereas "term" has no specific duration. So technically a semester can be classified as a term but not every term is a semester.
Some universities are on a "trimester" schedule, so there are three terms in the academic year instead of the two terms at most schools that operate on a semester schedule. Some schools have an extended break during the winter holidays and offer a "J-term" in the month of January where you can complete an entire course in one month.
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tamguatlayIs there a difference between "semester" and "term"?Thanks.
The meanings may differ from region to region. Where I went to school, a semester was a period of about 15 weeks. A university on the semester system had two semesters in a school year. A term was a period of about 10 weeks. A term was also called a quarter. A university on the term system (or quarter system) had three terms (quarters) in a school year. In both systems, the summer season was excluded from the official school year.

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