is end up + noun, end up the mess for instance, real english or do native speakers really speak this way? end up the mess, end up the war, end up the meeting etc... is it the incorrect use of the phrase "end up" which means finally be or do something/be in a certain state as a result of some action or event?
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Not good English, but oddly enough we can 'finish up the war/ the soup / the meeting'.
thank you. that means it is NOT incorrect and native speakers do speak this way, right?
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I repeat: Not good English. That means it is not correct and native speakers do not say that.
but why there are so many evidences, evidences from native speakers, showing the opposite?
Please show me this evidence ( and 'evidence' is an uncountable noun).
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way too many:

CES News - Intel Will Highlight Silverthorne at CES - [ 翻译此页 ]
Many sources were saying that it looked Blu-ray would end up the war and control over 70% market share. But when it comes to next generation DVDs, ...



- [ 翻译此页 ]
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We end up the war with all European countries are trying to stop Austria/Hungary or Russia from taking the whole continent. ...www.solonschools.org/accounts/rrivera/Ch26Notes_1113200723641.doc - 类似网页

My Military Campaign - Mark Twain - [ 翻译此页 ]
... and guessed we could be depended on to end up the war in time, because no Government could stand the expense of the shoe-leather we should cost it ...

way too many if you type "end up the war/fight/argument/... " and search it on the net
I googled "end up the war" and looked at several of the results. None of them seemed to be written by native speakers -- the passages all contained other awkward or incorrect constructions -- with the exception of Mark Twain, who was indirectly quoting a rural, probably uneducated American in the 1860's.
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