Hi! I'm Pauline from Philippines. I am looking for a English Language School in the Philippines..I want to know.
Hi you. I don't have any suggestions but i have a question. Can you answer my question please? are you american? So why do you learn english while you are american? Emotion: big smile
Hi Pauline! Yes there is an English school in the Philippines. There are a lot of universities, colleges and institutions that offer language courses. You can also take it online if you want to.
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Hi Pauline. You can attend the classes at TalkShop, the best English school in the Philippines. They have a great range of English programs (speech, grammar, writing, presentation, accent training, etc) and other personality development training. The best is they customize the lessons according to the requirements of the students. You can check out their website at www.talkshop.ph to look at your options. - Sheila
How are you doing? A famous school in the Philippines is offering tutoring services for English languages. Starting Point English academy is a great school, great affordable prices. I recommend it to you Emotion: smile It is located also in a beautiful city of Dumaguete where you can learn english well. Visit us at (Please register with EnglishForward, and put any contact information you wish to share in your profile -Moderator)