Everbody thinks that all people around the world know english. But is it correct? Is it possible for people of the world to have common language? Please state your own ideas and consider your home country.

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I would say that English is definitely the contemporary lingua franca, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by "is it correct?"
Obviously not everyone can speak it. Yes it is used internationally.
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english is my love.in the the past,when i was ill ofcourse i was sad,but when i remmebre that afilm to"tom crouse" or "mel jebson" will be shown i smile and forget my pains.iam crazy about english and to talk to people in english is atop hope..........i hope you will understand me..........with love and peace........peace be upon you.....
Hi Mahmoud
firstly thanks for your dealing with thew problem. But I must say that I can't understand whay you say English is my love. What's english other than a foreign language? please keep at your own language first. Of course learning a language is well but why this language is always english? I mean why in your country do people learn english only?
Unless people neglect their native tongue they are bound to be history. I want to give an example: people living in French colonies think that worlds common lang is french. Why ?
Because this idea is imposed to them. And dy by day in the name of keeping step with the time, the learn french, dream living in paris....etc.
Besides have u ever seen in your country a product made in england? your answer is almost no. Because england doesn't produce. Their economic income comes from universities in england. by making people learn their language england economy lasts. This circumstance is valid for franch and russia too.
All in all learn foreign language as much as you can but not only englisf or french but also turkish chinese japanese danish arabic........ so so. but DON'T FORGET your mother tongue is base and fundamental lang. I hope you understand me.
take care
dear who wrote this.you made me flew into arrange,dear i do love my language very much ,more than you thought and never will i love any language more than mine.....ha.the matter is,if you thought for awhile,if i love english so much like this and i told you i love my language more than any other one,so,how much you think i love arabic........ha?thanks any way for your notice........bye.
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"Because england doesn't produce. Their economic income comes from universities in england. by making people learn their language england economy lasts."

Utter rubbish.

The English language is dominant as a result of the British Empire and its replacement, the American Empire.

Further, the British economy is based upon services (Financial, IT, Airliners, Broadcasting etc etc). Also, some of the largest companies that produce global products are British i.e. Shell.

The British University system is not a catalyst for economic growth with regard to language.
Actually english is quite simple language so lot's of people could learn it, and it isn'ta big problem. It's great that I know if I travel around Europe I could use this one language almost in every european country. It makes travelling simpler:) I think that one language shold be common and popular, but we can't forget about our languages, them should be the most important for us.
I agree. English is the language of a large part of the global economy, meaning much of the worlds business is done in the English language: buy; sell; here; there .. There are different types of English, too. What we speak in Europe is Standard English, not the Queen's English (I don't know anyone who speaks like the Queen, apart from the Queen!) and has deep roots in ancient dialects like Latin, as does French.
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