In America, movies are one of the many social standards to go out and watch on a weekend, but what most people don't know is the hidden messages in movies that are portrayed and they maybe be surreal and unrealistic. In the movie 50 first days the main character Henry Roth is some sort of lecher that meets a variety of people from different back rounds. What the viewers don't realize is the movie self consciously tells you, you should accept people for who they are other then what's socially correct.

Henry Roth, the main character of the film,is the average American wannabe, with his cool ways and slick talk. Hes likeable and you can rarely find anything thats wrong with him that you could point out.

Lusia Strus's character Alexia on the other hand, illustrates an unattractive woman, that's viewed to be similar to a male and is homosexual. In the conversation with Henry And Alexia Near the swimming pool, Henry talks about his person life while Alexia rants on about how she wants to have a moment of intamacy. Henry replies with, "I don't know if you realized but im not really in to guys". In America homosexuality is most of the time considered an offensive thing yet in the movie its funny. Americans tend to find insulting someones else's culture let alone their sexuality. Casting an attractive female would be less funny to Americans than an unattractive one that's foreign with a slurring speech impediment. But deep down inside, Aliexia is a good indiviual who helps the main character alot through out the film, not just some she male person to be entertaing.

Rob Schnider's character Ula, is an immature Hawaiian guy who sexist and a bad representation of the Hawaiian culture. This is also misleading making the world believe that Hawaiians has tons of kids when they don't. Not only does he do immature acts but he says things like, "what i don't smoke weed" in front of his kids when in society its not acceptable. Not only does the characters in the movie have their quirks, but Ula's kids all act the same, like their all one person, with one personality which is not true aswell.

Also in the movie Drew Barrymore's character Lucy Whitmore, is the exact opposite of what people find attractive and dear about someone. According to the scene where she hammers down Ula with a baseball bat she cleary has a temper problem

Even though the movie portrays different people with different ethnic back rounds, the American society tends to not follow these pipe dreams or stereotypes. As a child we were taught to stray away certain crowds and not stick our noses into things that were not appropriate to our parents standards. But in the movie, Henry had different friends through-out the movie Like what was stated earlier, Alexis the unattractive woman and, Ula the sexist, immature Hawaiian, but

our culture doesn't have this type of friendship. Take a look at your own friends thiernot as diverse as the ones on the move noware they?? "When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It's a subtle kind of murder. The most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces."(Jim Morrison)

In America, the idea is to accept people for who they are and not what they are. The movie captures this in many ways having these awkward characters, like the ones stated along with Nick, Stacy, and Ten Second Tom. This movie shows unity, with different cultures coming together not arguing about their religion, color, or creed. "People grow through experience..." (Eleanor Roosevelt),
ANY HELP IS GREAT.. gotta turn it in monday.
It needs more work and better structure
Make a title for your essay, and then outline the main points you want to make.
Use a spell checker and grammar checker to catch the typos.
Watch for misused words - their, there, they're.
Watch for subject-verb agreement.
Make sentences short in the first draft - you can combine them later to improve the flow.
could you be more specific?? as in what lines are bad and so on.
i just need to write a C grade paper to pass this class.. Im a song writer but i cant write essays so its kinda sad =/.
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its a 4 to 5 page paper btw.
OK, here are a few specific things I see that may be problems in the first few paragraphs.

1st paragraph- Is going to movies a social standard? Or is it an activity?
Your first sentence is 3 lines long. It is difficult to read and needs to be shorter.
You frequently use "that" when it is better to say "who"

What is the name of the movie? Punctuate it for the reader. (Capitalize, underline, or put in quotes) I
s it "Maybe be"? or "may be"
Is a "back round" related to gollfing?
Self conscious? Is a movie aware of itself and embarassed to tell you something? Or maybe you mean subconscious (below the awareness of the viewer)

The comma after "you" needs to be "that".
Do you really mean "then"? (at that time), or "than" (John is taller than Mike)
2nd paragraph. Hes and thats are not words. They are missing something.
3rd paragraph Is Alexia Near her name? If so, is she a swimming pool? It's spelled differently a few lines later.
Henry has a "person life"- not a "personal life"? There are many misspellings in the rest of the paragraph.
"im" is not a word.
someones is not correct..
4th paragraph guy who is sexist (missing verb). Hawaiians has (subject-verb agreement is not correct)
its - should be "it is" , which is a contraction spelled as "it's". Its is possessive - The dog wagged its tail.

"does the characters" - subject-verb agreement is not correct.
thankz =]. I really appreciate it =]. My teacher teaches funny, its hard to learn
She just tell you wants wrong instead of showing you Like this is high school or somethin'.
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Hi Sean:
I wometimes wonder about teachers who do not explain mistakes to the students. How can you learn if no one explains where you are going off base, and how to fix it? Teachers should be coaches!
If you need more help, I am happy to do it. Just keep fixing and posting!
I admire you for song writing. I have no skills in music at all, and appreciate the talents that other people have.