I'm wondering if there is a difference between the two?:

I have checked that the card is already expired.

I have checked that the card has already expired.

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There is no difference in intended meaning. The first states the current condition of the card; the second states its recent unfortunate change of status.
That really clarifies. Thanks very much.
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Thank you Mister Micawber.

I have checked that the card is already expired.

This sentence, I think, can be correct if the "expired' is an adjective, but in my dictionary it says that we cannot use the word "expire" as an adjective. So I am confused.

Or Otherwise, I can think the sentence can be correct if the sentence is a passive voice. But I don't think it is a passive voice.

Please help me.
I have checked that the card is already expired.
Gary, please replace your dictionary-- or at least do not bother me with it any more. Of course 'expired' can be an adjective-- an expired driver's license is one of the most common reasons for drivers' receiving traffic tickets!

You are right that it is not passive-- there is no possible agent: (X) the card is expired by ???; (X) ??? expired the card.
Is/has should match the tense at the beginning of your sentence.

I have checked and the card has already expired. (past tense)
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Dear Mistre Micawber,

How about the following ones?

1. He is died.

2. He has died.

Is the difference same as the above mentioned ones?

Thank you in advance.

First note that it should be:

1. He is dead.


2. He has died.

The first implies a long-standing condition (e.g. "Abraham Lincoln is dead"), while the second implies a recent change in status, especially one that the listener or reader may not be aware of (e.g. "Breaking news: Robert McNamara has died in his sleep at age 93"). This isn't a hard-and-fast rule but it should help you when trying to phrase things in the future.
Thank you CSnyder. That was a fruitful help.

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