Sorry for such an inane first post, but i have even got a wager going on for this one.

Is it correct when i type something like "that isn't even grammar-correct"?

I'm sure "gramatically correct" is right.

If i consider "grammar correct" to be right, can "grammar-correct" be considered so too?

I'm sure this is a fairly easy question for you goons, and thanks in advance.
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I've never heard "grammar-correct" used, and it looks really weird to me, so I tend to think it's not correct. Maybe someone else will have another opinion.
I was thinking in the same line of "virus-free" and "turbo-charged", you know?

The hyphen seems optional to me, though.
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I've always wondered about the hyphenation too.

I believe the grammar-correct is correct however, I think the sentence structure is all wrong. It should say:

"That isn't correct-grammar even."

I could be wrong.
Nah, that takes all the ring out of it.

Like Slartibartfast says: "I'd rather be happy than right any day."

So yeah, "grammar-correct" is right in my heart Emotion: sad
But being happy doesn't make it right.

Your heart is lying to you. Grammar-correct was never meant to be. Only in a dream world filled with hunchback cows would it be so.
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But it was the hearts of men like me that created language, and consequently grammar with all its rules.

The same hunchbacked cows and ellipsoid suns populated the imagination of those men, and they did not abide. They turned their Golden Shower into dictionaries and thesaurii everywhere.
Was it also the hearts of men like you that created the laws of puncuation?

I'm only asking because personally, I wouldn't have put that comma in there after "men."

But that's just me.

It was a dramatic pause. I have to use some tricks to excuse the more exotic sexual tastes of the father of the English language.
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