Circulating mentally ill people among the public is not conducive to a good environment.


A continuous fight for comfort is the struggle of life and humans alone are in the superior position. This, however, does not tantamount to superior comfort. The choices we make ultimately predetermine our lives, and knowledge, singularly, is the panacea of human afflictions. This paper will investigate the choices made regarding American prison systems and demonstrate their conflicts with knowledge in an effort to bring to light the injustice the mentally ill are forced to suffer. The investigation will then continue and trace the deleterious effect of these choices on society as a whole and explore how society copes with these choices.
"Tantamount" is used like "equal." This, however, is not tantamount / equal to superior comfort. it's an adjective. If you're looking for a verb, you could say, "This, however does not compare / equate to superior comfort."

You could also use "equal" as a verb, but you wouldn't use "to," because it's transitive. "this does not equal comfort" ("Compare / equate" can be transitive, but not in this case. Compare / equate this with / to that.)

Edit. The grammar is fine in your "circulating" sentence. In your paragraph, I'd use commas after "life" and (optionally) after "systems."
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Thank you very much. If you don't mind, I will ad you to my favorites for future help.

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