hi there. Emotion: wink I m SKY from KL,Malaysia, a chinese student in University Putra Malaysia. i always wonder if time can be like 'OT'. In my life i always felt that nothing is enough, especially time. I want 2 have more time, there so many things i want to do, like places to go, to know the people around me and make friends. In university, i m not those who are very active but i still have the presure that time is not enough. i m always rushing, just don't know why? Sometimes i noticed im a lazy pig, laying on my bed for hours, doing nothing but sleeping like a pig. but still everything seem not enough. If u, would u like to have OT in life?[O]

dear skysiew
I dont think that 24 hours a day is enough.there are a lot of things to do.apart from these some1 can need extra time for a rest.but there is no way to make a day longer.

to solve this problem by myself ,I sleep less so I think that I will have more time. but then I feel sleepy or tired that is it doesnt work.
i don't think so

actualy u r lazy and want more time for more rest if God will give u 48 hours thay deffinately ll not be enough for u even more then that coz if u don't have any destination of your life then u act slow and then u act slow u have no time nothing good and nothing bad even .
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A day with 48 hours is for the most people good, but the time is the time. We can't do something with the time. The human have to sleep ~7-8 hours per 24 hours.
But I think a day with 48 hours would be enough!

I would say 24 hours is enough (for me) , even if i feel like I wanted to do and finish everything the same day and I will not be able to, I will still be glad cause I can always look forward for tomorrow. \

I would not ask for OT anymore, i believe the longer the time you'll have the longer the working hours they will require, the longer the burden, the longer the happiness but it also means there could be longer sorrow.

And I believe there's a reason for everything,and there's a reason why he made it just 24 hours, not longer...
What the fuck do I need a day of 48 hours if I cant see you even for one hour?
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In my opinion 24 hours a day is enough 4 us ... just we need a balance between our work and our urgent need in this life .. also that's depends on what had u done in everyday u have finished . It's just my opinion .

24 hours a day is enough(for me)...there's nothing much to do anyway....and it's really annoying having to wait for a day to end....but of course most of you would say that 24 hours aren't enough cos' well maybe you have more things to do and stuffs....but whatever god gives us...tht's tht isn't it.....just accept it...we have no control over it anyway even if we discuss this topic any longer,nothing will change unless you change your way of spending time...that's all....good luck for you guys who think 24 hours aren't enough...hopefully you can figure out what to do about it....Bye!
I wonder if we do have 48 hours a day, would our lifespan be doubled or halved?
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