This is one of those articles that you find linked to your mail box. I wonder if you agree with the text. I would like to hear your opinions.

A committed relationship is all about intimate emotional involvement with another. If you are feeling passion toward someone besides your partner — if you can’t wait to get to your computer to e-mail with another man — you are taking time and energy away from your current relationship. And, chances are, it’s all a fantasy! With someone you haven’t met, you imagine all kinds of wonderful traits and no horrible ones. You think you know him well from your frequent notes, but it’s easy for anyone to sound terrific in an e-mail. People can edit their words to make themselves convey any kind of impression they want. Your feelings are toward somebody who probably doesn’t exist in the fantasy form you have conjured up. (And if you do make the mistake of arranging to meet after your hot-and-heavy correspondence, you are 99 percent guaranteed to be tremendously disappointed.) Even worse, such a fake relationship is highly likely to erode your current one. Inevitably, you will compare this fantasy man with the man you have, who can’t help but fall short. A real man — with all his faults, lovable or not — can never measure up to a fantasy. You haven’t been with him when he’s grouchy. You have no idea how he deals with bad moods, or whether he has highly annoying habits. Maybe he talks non-stop, or maybe he grunts more than he speaks. Maybe he chews tobacco or never goes to the dentist or watches sports day and night.

Instead of focusing on your text-based fantasy man, you should look inside yourself and examine why it is you are going outside your committed relationship for passion and excitement. Quite often, such a flirtation is a sign that you are in some way dissatisfied or bored with your partner.
It is a much better use of your time to work on your current relationship than to pursue one that is both unlikely to produce any kind of satisfaction as well as to undermine the bond with your partner. All three of you might end up getting hurt.
I suggest you bid your pen-pal a polite farewell and then block his e-mail address.
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Seems like it was written by a girl who got burned / caught. She seems to start off by saying it's not right to have an online fantasy when you are in a relationship, then goes into all the reasons why online relationships are bad. Those two topics have little to do with each other. The only reason you shouldn't flirt with someone online when you are in a relationship is that it can get you in trouble with your other-half that you never intended.

What about people who are single? I'd prefer to have an open mind and meet new people. I've met several people in real life that I first started talking to online. Some of them are good friends of mine and I never met anyone from online that I truly didn't like at all.
If the scenario of The Matrix is correct, all flirting is internet flirting.[H]
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If someone is internet flirting it might be because there was already something not working in their real life relationship.
maybe, surely
In my opinion this is just another new and easy way to meet people. Maybe it is easier to cheat, if it's the case, hidden behind a machine. If you want to pretend you are someone you would like to be.. But this happens in "real" (not virtual) life too, right? How many people do we know that are always pretending to be someone they are not?

I know lots of people that have met after internet flirting, and they are still together..
some good friendships has begun through the computer, where the miles that separate them don't count!

We just have to be careful and wise. As we have to be in our "real" life too...
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I would also say that the Internet can bring you closer in personal relationships. I had a cold distant relationship with a relative. Maybe the cirscumstances had pulled us a part and since we did not speak much, we didn't have much to tell each other in family fatherings. But when I went to live abroad I started emailing all my relatives. We kept a weekly email contact and since then our relationship has changed and it has become a lot warmer! She told me she had been looking foward receiving my mails every week. I must say i was also very pleased to receive hers.
Another great thing about internet friendships is the amazing ability of two people to become close without ever touching or even seeing each other. The idea that pure language has the ability to bond two people together is quite amazing. I think it's really cool to realize how I've gotten to know maj, rommie, woodward and the other regulars just by reading their posts, and it such a short time too!

I think much of the time, this feeling of bonding is what drives people to develop intimate online relationships. These people are heartbroken that they cannot develop this kind of closeness when the person they tell in person, "I love you", the person they make love to, eat with, sleep with, go fishing and biking with, etc. "Why can't he/she give me this?" You get the idea.

However, if it gets to the point where the online relationship becomes romantic, that's when you start getting into trouble. Now you have a conflict of priorities.
I agree with you up to a point. On the one hand, I would also say that words can create a strong bond between people. I have always been fascinated by the power of language and I love experiencing with it. Moreover, isn't psychoanalysis based on the power of words, on the associations we make when we use language, absolutely captivating. Let's use myself as an example, why is it that pieter's poems leave me disarmed? Who knows? In this trend of thought I would also like to point out that "shy people inside" have sometimes real difficulties in expressing their thoughts to their partners but when they are on the net they might feel comfortable to open up. Is that risky? well somebody might be able to answer this question with a bit more knowledge than myself.

On the other hand, I would say that words can only lead to a platonic sort of relationship, which might suit lots of surfers, who might have a perfectly stable relationship but need some excitement out of their lives. But if we are talking about romanticism that is a different cup of tea. As I am an accomplished romantic, I would be able to say that words are the pillar of the mansion, in which the soul resides, but there is a lot more to it than that. Can you imagine the power of whispering a meaningful word into someone's ear and see how he blushes scarlet? Can you imagine the power of a gaze that makes you want to go to the depths of hell and melt there?

Well as I am not really inspired today, I am going to stop here and wait for someone to finish this post.
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