Hi guys,

I'm writing an article and have found myself using "is is" in a sentence, the sentence is:

"All it is is a small container used for holding soil or water samples..."

It seems right hearing it, but on paper is a different story.

Just wondering if it is right to use it. I've tried other ways of expressing the sentence but none seem to click with what I'm writing.

Thanks for your help,

Hello Rage, welcome to English Forums. Hope you found the mini-bar.

You could say:

'All it is, is...'
'It's simply a...'
'It's just a...'
'It simply consists of...'

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'It's simply a...'

Never crossed my mind, thanks for that MrP, you've been a great help!

My pleasure, Rage76!
Here're few more abeit a little strong, Rage76.

"It's nothing but ..."
"It's merely a ..."
"It's no more than a ..."

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