Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the forums, we have the opportunity to show one another which gender group we belong to. The Mars and Venus symbols are excellent for this purpose. Some of us choose not to set our gender in our profiles. Why is this? Why do you think some people choose to keep their gender information private? And, perhaps even more interestingly, how come other users may assume which gender group one belongs to even though one does not display a Mars or a Venus symbol? I am looking forward to reading your replies.

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Hi Englishuser!

Do you mean what you do??:D:D

I think that they don´t show it so that people don´t get intersted in them..but on what they write!
I don´t know if you understand me..Emotion: stick out tongue
By the way..I think that you can know the gender of that person by looking how he/she writes:P
Hey Englishuser

As you can see I chose to show up my gender...I have no problems in showing that! I've noticed that you chose not to showing yours, so you should be the first to answer your question Emotion: wink
Usually I'm not interested in knowing members'genders, but soemtimes it happens that some nicknames sound to me as male or female nicknames, I don't know why! Yours, for example, sounds to me as a male nickname Emotion: smile

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Francesca I agree with you!
Englishuser´s name..sounds as if you were male!:D:D
Gawsh you like to analyze everything don't you?
Dear Pucca,

Thank you for your post. I found your comment about you being able to tell a person's gender basing on how they write very intriguing. I must say I disagree with you in case in point as there simply is no waterproof way of determining a person's gender basing on how they use a language. Of course there might be pointers, but that's all, I suppose. And, I suppose it's harder to tell whether a writer is a man or a woman if he or she is a good writer. I'm often able to point out on someone's gender if I'm reading a school composition, but when I read works written by Nobel Prize awarded authors, I wouldn't be that sure about their gender. Perhaps we should start a little quiz on the site just to see if you're right?

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I would like to comment on your suggestion that some nicknames sound more masculine than others, and vice versa. As far as my own nickname is concerned, I would say I perceive it as rather gender neutral. Stop to think of this for a second: does the word 'usess' exist in English? Many other nicknames are much more revealing, though. Take nicknames with 'Mr', for example.

Dear Punkybrewster,

Yes. To be honest with you, I think it's more of a positive trait if a person is analytical.

Dear Englishuser,

I would say that in Novel Prize awarded authors we can also see their´s most of the time the same. Female ones write more carefully that males. I´m not saying that male don´t write carefully, it´s just that female ones talk more about it, I mean that in we tell two people of different gender to write about a subjec (same subject) the female one would write more details. It´s only my opinion!:D
Why don´t you start the quiz??:P
Were we right when we said that you were male??;)
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