When do I use am and pm?. And what is the right translation. How do you use it in Great Britain and in America? Please help me.


Well it is used all around the world.

A.m is after 12 midnight and till morning's 12 midday. 
P.m is afternoon and is till 12 midnight.

>>Well its been used all around the world!!

But not in Germany though... Emotion: smile Germany usually works with the 24-hour time system i.e. it starts with

 0:00 (midnight) until 12:00 (midday) to 12:59 and just continues with 13:00 (1pm), 14:00 (2pm), 15:00 (3pm)... until 23:59 (11.59pm). 
For midnight you can use both 24:00 and 0:00.
The latter is then used again for the next hour...

What about other countries?

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We have the same system in Norway.
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If you tend to confuse them, remember a.m.= ante meridiam, p.m.= post meridiam
Yeah!! we also we'av a.m and p.m in pakistan!!
~~ Edited - Yes, we also have a.m. and p.m. in Pakistan. ~~
Japan also uses the 24 hour clock.
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