is it correct to say ((peoples)) with s ?
The word "people" is already plural.

One person, two people.

"Peoples" is correct in some situations, such as when you describe multiple populations. You will be more likely to find it being using in a context that relates to sociology for example, describing "peoples of the world."

Is It Correct To Say Peoples?

is it correct to say ((peoples)) with s ?

Many times an ‘s’ is added to a word to make it plural, meaning more than one. People is already plural, so usually adding an ‘s’ is usually not necessary. However, ‘peoples’ is sometimes used in academic or formal English when referring to a specific subset of people within a larger group. Both of these sentences are correct:

  • The British people love sport.
  • The indigenous peoples of Australia have a rich cultural history.
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Yes....'peoples' CAN be correct when describing various things; especially when you SAY it rather than write it. I'll explain:

You can say (or write) "The People's Court" (a TV show in the USA) or "The people's right to express themselves". This basically groups EVERYONE (or all people) together.

But mostly you would just say (or write) people without the s...

If you have any specific question using it in a sentence, let me know & I'll be glad to help!

hello Benjamin
I didn't mean the possessive
what I meant is that :
is it correct to say peoples as the plural of people ?
is it right that the word peoples is the plural of the word people ?
and thank u very much
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Hi Leen... Yes you can say PEOPLES when refering to groups of people... for example the native peoples in North America...
Hi all.
This is what I thought or knew about people vs peoples. Please let me know if I'm accurate or not.

People of the North America.

People is used when the object of the subject is singular noun or a single collective noun. In the above case, North America is the object and is a singular noun. There i think, Peoples of Native America is wrong as Native America is a singular noun for.

Peoples of North America AND Asia.

Now, here the object of the subject is North America and Asia, thanks to the additive use or AND. Hence the use of the term Peoples.

In a nutshell, peoples can be used when there are two objects referring, each referring to people.

Please let me know if I am accurate.

We can speak of the peoples of North America, the Inuit, Native Americans, Afro-Americans, etc.
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Leen Rose is it correct to say ((peoples)) with s ?
1 peoples can be used when one states about NATIONS of countries like; there are many nations or peoples in African continent.

2 we must use people for a group of persons e.g; many people came in the funeral.
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Is this sentence correct - 'the german peoples did not yet exist as a united nation'
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