i saw this sentences that song of evanescence.

i know you're still there

watching me wanting me
i can feel you pull me down
fearing you loving you
i won't let you pull me down

evanescence says at her song "wanting me" but i knew we don't use want with -ing or do i know wrong?
You don't (normally) use "want" in the progressive form, but here it's different. I'd say it's a present participle, and it describes the state the person's in. Anyway it's in a song, some kind of poetry...
We don't use "want" with "-ing" when it is the main verb of the sentence.
We certainly can use "wanting" in other ways. As Pieanne has said, in this case "wanting" is used as a participle, that is, as an adjective, not as the main verb.

"I am wanting some of that ice cream you are eating" is wrong.
"want" is the main verb. It should be:
"I want some of that ice cream you are eating".

Note how this one is different:
"I stood there watching you eat ice cream. I stood there wanting some of that ice cream".
("stood" is the main verb, not "want".)

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Hi, Yunus

To the best of my knowledge, in some cases it is possible to use "stative" verbs with ing, when we want to make them into nouns or in present participles,as in;

"Seeing is believing"

All the best,

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yes, i see exactly thank for your reply jim. although pieanne said to me but i had'nt understood exactly but now no problem.
She is not wanting this book

I think you are just correct but we are soecifically talking about ,'want/wanting'


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